We officially came together as a company in the spring of 2018 ready to make games and face the world.

Here at Strawchild Games, we are looking to make not only fun and interesting games, but to create a universe where you can lose yourself in. We focus on world building, story telling, and innovative game mechanics. We are very passionate about what we do, and we can't imagine doing anything else. And with our aim on making good games, we will need your support.

So come support us by following us on twitter, joining our discord and let us know what you think, and spreading the Strawchild love.

See you folks out there

- Joshua L Alday, Founder and Beholder of Logic



Joshua L Alday - Founder and Beholder of Logic

"I've been a gamer since I was 5 years old. I've played on almost every console from the NES to current day consoles and PC. Yes, that includes the Dreamcast. I remember playing tons of games from every generation, so ask me about my favorites. I've always been into games, and I knew I wanted to make them ever since I was 13. I started learning how to program ever since I was 16, and I've been a professional Software Engineer for over 5 years. It's safe to say that games are what inspired my passion and goals in life. I decided that it was now time to take the charge and start Strawchild Games, in order to fulfill my lifetime goal of making games. My hope is that my games will inspire others to do what they most want to do in this life. Just remember to follow your passion and you will find happiness."


Scott Sherman - Cofounder and Sound sorcerer

"Hello! I'm Scott, a singer/songwriter and composer from Colorado that's never been quite satisfied with just being a performer. I've always composed and written songs in various genres and styles, so being in 5 or 6 different projects at once is just my way of scratching the itch. After a few years performing full time, I was nudged by a colleague to take my composition acumen and passion for writing to a different field: video games. Heavily inspired by animated media and video games as a child that utilized several styles of music in just one game, it was a natural fit for me! While I still write, perform, and produce with various projects, I also work with Joshua Alday as a co-founder, writer and sound sorcerer at Strawchild Games."