Dev Blog Update 6/15/2018 World of Ether Legacy


Hello everyone, Joshua here for the next dev blog update. Today we want to talk a little about the world that Ether Legacy takes place in.

Ether Legacy: Icon, takes place on a world called Athera, in the year 2237. Athera is filled with a natural element, much like oxygen and nitrogen, but contains a magic like energy. This element is called Ether. Ether has influenced Athera since the dawn of man and has lead to the rise of religion and war. 

The first real usage of Ether came about when the city-state known as Trine began the religion of Ethism. It spoke of Kamuy the Goddess of ice, and Tenma the firebrand demon. It is said that these two are forever locked in an eternal struggle over love and ideals. This struggle is what gives birth to the other elements, fire, water, wind, and earth. The light of Kamuy, and the dark of Tenma, are seen as the holiest elements that are rarely seen on Athera, and that life would not maintain it's balance without both. Trine spread Ethism abroad, amassed a large following, and was seen as the center of worship. This allowed the culture of Trine to spread, and become one of the first Nations on Athera.

Ether was used as a way to be closer to the gods, but it was considered taboo to be used as a weapon. Therefore the study and literature around Ether was focused solely on abjuration and conjuration. However, over the years and after the spread of Trine's teachings, some began using it to war on each other. A pack of city-states to the east began fighting over territory and resources. One such city-state harnessed the power of Ether for destruction, and quickly overpowered it's neighbors. Their belief in Ether as a power lead them to forming a new Nation, a nation to unify all nations, either through willingness or through subjugation. Thus, New Athera was formed. New Athera properly formed during the 1400's, after instigating the unification wars. Although Ether was the source of their power, technology was also a major factor in their success. New Athera believes in collecting power in different forms in order to perfect the ultimate strength. Even the government structure is based on who holds the most power in the society, creating a tiered system where the strongest live with more power and control over society. By the 1900's New Athera had conquered the majority of city-states, and began a two century long reconstruction of it's lands, forming into a metropolis the size of a country. New Athera continues it's pursuit of obtaining the ultimate power, but with it's growth of power, so does it's rival.

To the Southeast in a mountainous region, lies a nation that formed in the 1100's, and had the least influence from Trine. The problems that came with Ether detracted their interest from it, and enforced their pursuit into machinery. This nation called themselves, Valladan. Valladan built themselves on the pursuit of engineering and lauded themselves on achievements by their own two hands. Although use of Ether was not prohibited, the after effects kept people from wanting to learn it. Valladan's society is an open and free one, where anyone can be anything, regardless of their upbringing. This allowed even the weak to become helpful to society in their own way. Technology in Valladan consists of machinery from the steam engine, to the current time's refined fusion engines. Their society reflects this in the use and design from buildings to vehicles. Valladan experienced very few large scale wars, but when they did, they overwhelmed their enemies with ingenuity, machines, and gunpowder. However, in the late 1900's, they clashed with New Athera and were utterly decimated and pushed back to their capital. This forced Valladan to master the art of war machines, in order to rival New Athera. After developing a truly mobile artillery platform system, they were able to gain an advantage in their mountainous region, and managed to push New Athera back. 

In the current year of 2237. Trine has vanished, leaving behind a large crater and a monument to mankind's folly. No one knows what they did, or if they still exist. New Athera and Valladan are grid locked in trench-like warfare only attacking exposed targets when the opportunity presents itself. Athera is left with war torn lands, ranging from scorched lands to Ether saturated forest that draws in mythical monsters. However, the times are changing, and the power that New Athera seeks is close at hand. The world of Athera will soon bare the most destructive force in the universe, and it'll be the chosen who will make the difference in how that power is used.

Thanks for reading everyone! We'll be doing more write ups like this about the history of Athera in later updates. So stay tuned.

- Joshua, 4649

Joshua Alday