Some problems have occurred (Updated: We're headed back)


UPDATE: Hey #dreamhack, we're on our way back. We were able to secure another spot at 6pm Today. I know it's sudden, but we'll be back. Same booth, same hall, Booth 403, Exhibit Hall 4.

[Initially published on: 6/2/2018]

Hey folks. we had a bit of a problem trying to demo at #dreamhack. The PC we used was overheating and could not be used, and we didn't have a replacement either, so we didn't get to demo to you. We apologize. On the flip side, we're going to be releasing demo footage soon!

We worked hard on this demo, and we intend on showing it off. We hope you like what we have, and you'll stick around to get more info on it.

For now, we're fixing up the PC and then we'll be working on putting that demo footage together. See you folks soon!