Dev Blog Update 6/20/2018 Moving to the Groove


Hello everyone. Thank you for joining us on our weekly dev blog updates. Today we want to show off our new and improved AI. No longer do they dog pile and stand there like logs. They actually move around and feel like they are fighting. We also updated following AI as well. You're party members will now run along side you, or even ahead of you. Check it all out in the dev blog video update

Next, we're hoping to show off our Tag-in system, which will enable you to tag in other party members at the end of your combos, to rack up extra damage. And soon to follow that, the AI customization behaviors which you, the player, can change how your party acts in battles. Should they heal when your HP is low? Or should they instead try to stun or stagger the enemy when it's not paying attention? You'll be able to decide it's function.

Thanks a bunch for your support, be sure to follow us on twitter for more updates, or join our discord to have a little chat with us.

Until next time!

-Joshua, 4649