Dev Blog Update 6/6/2018 Ether Legacy Tech Demo Showcase


Hello everyone, and welcome to our first Dev Blog Update! We had a wonderful time at Dreamhack 2018 once we got past some of our initial setup issues. I want to go ahead and thank AustinIGDA for allowing us to demo at their booth this year.

So for this update, we will be showcasing our Tech Demo for Ether Legacy that we showed off at Dreamhack. This is a pre-pre-alpha look at what we're doing. So all the art assets are  placeholder and some features haven't been implemented yet. But we worked really hard on this, and it shows how far we've come since we started earlier last month. We developed the systems that allow this gameplay, and the music that comes with it.

Check it out!

Here's some of the music we developed for this demo!

I hope you liked what we had to show off this week. Keep an eye on us by following us on twitter, or joining our public discord channel! We plan on making weekly updates. Whether they be gameplay updates, art updates, or music updates.

See you folks next time!